The main emphasis at Thuthukani Preschool is on the following areas:

Social interaction, to establish and maintain social relationships and to be able to manage behavior and become emotionally literate.

Communication and Language, to communicate effectively using whatever mode the learner is capable of. We make use of Makaton, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)

Life Skills, to manage daily activities as independently as possible

Numeracy, To develop understanding, thinking- and problem-solving abilities through the use of all available senses and experiences.

Physical and Motor development


Reading, Making Friends with Reading, by Marianne Reynolds; Duzi Books, by Frances Reynolds and Leah Weir

The CAPS curriculum, introduced by the Department of Basic Education, is adapted to meet the needs of learners. The work is covered at a pace according to the learners ability on a one-on-one teacher/learner basis.

The TEACCH(Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communications
Handicapped Children) system is sometimes used in the classroom which allows the learners to work

The Early Childhood Development Phase curriculum is based on themes selected by the educators. Within limits, the learners are free to select and explore learning activities at their own pace and according to their own interests and abilities. The classroom and playground environment is designed and created in such a way that there are ample opportunities for the learners to explore and become active in activities that ensure a holistic development. Learners are encouraged to make use of all areas, to leave their own little comfort zones and expand their horizons at areas and with activities that stretch their abilities and interests.