At Thuthukani Preschool we offer

A very safe and happy environment for learners with special educational needs.
Qualified, experienced and passionate educators.
A constructive daily routine in the preschool and a well structured timetable  with a great variety of activities for Grade R up to the age of 14 from 8am (learners may arrive from 07:10) until 12pm, with the option of after-care until 4pm, at an additional cost.
Once the Senior Section is open we will accommodate 14-30 year olds with a daily routine filled with Life Skills activities.
Individual Education Development Programmes (IEDP’s) with four specific goals are set for each individual learner.¬† An OT goal, a Speech goal, a Social goal and one ‘Other’ goal, in the Preschool Section.¬† Goals for the Junior Class are according to the curriculum used.
Regular communication with Educators.
Various assessments done by the entire disciplinary team.
Private Speech and Play therapy at the school, but at an additional cost.
Daily Occupational Therapy, Home Programme, in form of a PE Ring.
Daily Speech Therapy, Home Programme, during the official Ring-time.
Pastoral and Parent Counselling by Pastor Kurt Schnackenberg, the pastor of the St. John’s Lutheran Church.